We know you're a great writer!

But it's easy to fall asleep on duty. No matter how many times you proof your work, errors are evasive, simply because you're so deeply involved in it. You know your story, the characters, the landscape. But sometimes you miss something — time after time. That's when you need a pair of fresh eyes.

Writers, even the best of them, can fail to catch those pesky typos, tense changes, POV switches, and all the other little things that are currently preventing your manuscript from being as perfectly polished as it needs to be. It happens. Writers write. Editors edit. And proofreaders, well, you get the picture.

Your manuscript deserves nothing less than the best opportunity to impress an agent. Every error diminishes your chances of achieving publication. Mouseproof can help. Of course, anyone can create a blog and make such claims. And we certainly don't expect anyone to buy a pig in a poke, so we'd like to give you a a better idea of what we can do — absolutely FREE!

If you're currently working on a manuscript or a query letter, we'd love to see it. To take advantage of this offer, simply go to the FREEBIE! page for details.

(And yes, that's Billy, my personal mouse proofing device — when he's awake.)