Here are a few of the emails I've received since starting this service.

This service is wonderful: such a quick turnaround, and good, solid advice that will make my writing much stronger once the changes are in place. Thanks so much, and for a fast and friendly service. — Terri Nixon

In the frustrating world called, "Trying to Get Published," it helps to have the expertise and keen eye of Michael Broadway on your side. Although many folks had critiqued my work, Michael found nits that we all had overlooked. — Joyce P. Lansky

I recommend Michael’s editing services to anyone looking for a professional editor. He completely blew my expectations out of the water. I’m thrilled with the results. Thank you Michael for such a great experience. — Leah Petersen

One of the joys of writing is to pass your work to friends and family members who read it and say, ‘that was the best writing ever – don’t change a thing!’ And trust me, it would be easy to stay on the head-in-the-clouds-happy path. I had become so familiar with my storyline that I no longer connected to the overall message and missed some pretty common errors. Michael was both encouraging and critical in his review of my writing. Editing is what he does! — Jennifer Swan

I have been in query-letter limbo for months now and was advised to re-write it (though I didn't have a strong handle on exactly how to go about it.) Then I discovered editor @sixtiesguy on Twitter who just happened to be offering help on what else? Query letters! So I checked out his website. Truthfully, I thought his service would be limited to a quick and simple critique but hey, an editor's opinion is an editor's opinion.I got far more than I had bargained for! Seriously, this guy can't be for real. Truly. NO ONE does what he did. First Michael sent me back PAGES of response. He broke my query letter down SECTION BY SECTION, highlighted the parts he thought needed to be cut, asked questions about the other. Then, the pièce de résistance: he put all of his notes together and REWROTE the query! Yes, you heard me. Rewrote it! Then after all that, Michael offered to look at my new draft - with his questions answered and incorporated in! And last, he's been kind enough to answer my back and forth email questions as I've worked toward polishing it. And for a limited time - it's FREE! If anyone else would even consider doing all of that for less than $100 I would be shocked. No one has time for anything unless they're being paid and paid well. Kinda nice someone still takes the time to care about the work and success of others.I would RUN not WALK to Michael. He far exceeds a class act. — Italia Trent

I spent months researching query letters and polishing my own. I was therefore confident that Michael would not find anything substantial to say. I was wrong. Despite the very quick turn-around time, Michael clearly studied my submission closely and understood what the story was about. His suggestions for restructuring were very clever and would not have occurred to me. However, he didn't criticize for the sake of it: sections that were okay were acknowledged as such. Michael also demonstrated a practical knowledge of the whims of the industry; eg, regarding what to say about oneself—and what not to. My query will be better for it. — Peter McLennan (