Keeping it simple. 

In order to keep this process relatively intuitive, we've broken it down into a few easy-to-follow steps. Here we go. Keep in mind that FULL EDITORIAL REVIEW runs $2.50 per page. PROOFING ONLY is $1.25 per page. You can order either of these two services with a minimal deposit by clicking on the button below.

Document Submittal:
1. Type must be 12 pt, double spaced, with pages numbered.
2. The document you submit must be a Microsoft Word .doc file.
3. Email your document as an attachment to
4. Type Mouseproof Order in the subject line.
5. Use the buttons below to make a deposit to initiate the order.
6. We will email you to verify the final price before starting.

Any questions, call or email. (See Contact page.)

PLEASE NOTE: The amounts shown in the drop down menu for Manuscripts are DEPOSIT ONLY. The full amount will be emailed to you before we begin work.
If the amount is not acceptable, your deposit will be refunded immediately.